Material benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.


SIRAKOSS is a medical device company based in Scotland that has developed synthetic bone graft substitutes that will revolutionise the treatment of bone defects and fusions. Incorporated in 2010, we have already produced a portfolio of award winning technologies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in established pre-clinical models of trauma and spinal fusion.

Sirakoss Granules

The simplest expression of the fundamental technology on which the company is based, SIRAKOSS Granules are a combination of novel chemistry and unique architecture. SIRAKOSS Granules are designed to address an increasing demand for a bone graft substitute that has the efficacy of autograft (the patient’s own bone) but overcomes the well reported problems of donor site pain for a significant number of patients.

Synthetic bone grafts substitutes also provide a ready alternative where there is limited availability of donor material due to prior autograft harvesting. SIRAKOSS Granules are a silicated calcium phosphate and repeated preclinical studies have shown they do not require the addition of growth factors, pharmacological compounds or allograft tissue to obtain excellent bone formation.

Sirakoss Putty

Our second product range, delivers the unique SIRAKOSS Granules in a putty system offering surgeons a ready-to-use solution whilst retaining the outstanding bone formation of SIRAKOSS’ core technology.

Surgeon review has confirmed the excellent handling properties of the SIRAKOSS Putty, which differentiates it from many available competitor products. Implantation studies to date have shown that the SIRAKOS technology combines rapid, controllable bone fusion with balanced resorption characteristics.

Ready in Minutes

A distinguishing feature of SIRAKOSS Granules is the ease with which they integrate with blood or bone marrow aspirate rapidly forming an implant-ready device.

Synthetic Material

SIRAKOSS synthetic bone grafts deliver consistent performance and bone formation in weeks not months, as well as being readily available off the shelf in unlimited quantities.

High Surface Area

An inherent feature of the nano-porous SIRAKOSS materials, the high surface area facilitates rapid integration of blood into the material as well as providing a scaffold for promoting bone formation.