Material benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.

About Sirakoss

SIRAKOSS was spun out from the University of Aberdeen in 2011. The company completed proof of concept in 2012, and has since raised over $5m. Our IP portfolio is strengthened by granted patents in the critical US and European markets.

Our Vision

The SIRAKOSS vision is to create a market-leading company providing innovative solutions to benefit patients, surgeons and healthcare providers. Our motivated and focused team is driven by excellence. Our synthetic bone graft products are underpinned by thorough clinical and scientific research, rigorous process control and defined intellectual property.


The worldwide market for bone graft is worth some $2.5 billion each year. Surgeons perform over four million operations which require bone grafts or bone graft substitutes. The most specialized market is the US, where spinal fusions account for over 600,000 operations annually.  Up to 30% produce unsatisfactory clinical outcomes.

Research Motivation

Our research motivation is to fill the gap in the market for a consistent high quality synthetic bone graft substitute, which will improve quality of life for patients. We aim to provide an affordable system which has all of the advantages of using the patient’s own bone (autograft) without the inherent disadvantages of donor site pain, limited supply and a second surgical procedure.

The Board

Brian Butchart
Chief executive

Brian led the spin out process which created SIRAKOSS Ltd. He brings extensive experience in both UK and international commercialization of medical devices.

Prof. Iain Gibson
Director; Lead R&D

Iain has been researching bone graft materials for almost 20 years. He is the inventor of novel materials for medical implants, and co-inventor of Apatech.

Dr Tom Buckland

Tom has both R&D and commercial experience of orthopaedics and synthetic bone graft technologies. He focusses on technology transfer at Imperial Innovations Group.


Sinclair Dunlop
Investor Director

Sinclair is a Managing Partner at Epidarex Capital. Prior to co-founding Epidarex, he founded and managed MASA Life Science Ventures LP.

Kyparissia Sirinakis
Investor Director

Kyparissia is a Managing Partner at Epidarex Capital with over 20 years of experience in creating and growing technology and life science companies.