Material benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.


The SIRAKOSS product range utilises our advanced and proprietary understanding of chemical composition and scaffold structure to produce novel bone graft substitute technology to enable more effective and extensive bone repair than other bone graft substitutes currently available to surgeons. Pre-clinical studies show rapid and controlled bone formation, which is indicative of early patient recovery.

Clinical Problem

An aging population means that there is increasing demand for reliable, affordable bone graft substitutes in key areas such as spinal fusion and trauma.

The benchmark is autograft where healthy bone is removed from the patient’s hip, but it poses significant problems. Patients can suffer continuing pain at the donor site and there is a limit to how much bone can be taken. Alternatives must be safe, reliable, and avoid disease transmission.

Our Solution

SIRAKOSS products are designed to meet surgeons’ evolving requirements. They are a step change on all existing synthetic bone graft substitutes – none of which fully addresses clinical need.

Our products are entirely synthetic: they contain no human or animal tissue, so there is no risk of disease transmission or rejection. They can be made in consistent, high quality batches, with no limits on supply.

Located in Scotland

We are perfectly positioned as part of Scotland’s vibrant life sciences hub, with strong links between industry, clinicians and academia. Our company was spun out of one of Europe’s major biomedical research centres, at the University of Aberdeen.


SIRAKOSS bone graft technology is based on an IP portfolio, backed by granted patents in all major markets. This includes the US – the largest single market for bone graft substitutes.

Based on our advanced and proprietary understanding of granule chemistry and architecture, our novel calcium phosphate-based bone graft is fully synthetic. It does not rely on the addition of growth factors, allograft tissue or cells to obtain excellent bone formation in pre-clinical models.


SIRAKOSS synthetic bone graft products were designed with surgeons in mind. We have had a clinical advisory team since the early stages of development.

Feedback from surgeons on both the handling and performance of our bone graft substitutes – compared to existing options – makes us very confident we have product offerings which fulfil a hitherto unmet clinical need.


SIRAKOSS granules are designed to offer rapid integration of blood and bone marrow aspirate so that the graft is ready for implant within minutes. This brings important benefits to patients who will need less time under anaesthetic and implies savings in theatre time and cost. Our pre-clinical studies suggest timely patient recovery.

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