Material benefits to patients, surgeons and healthcare providers.
SIRAKOSS design, develop and produce a unique synthetic bone graft substitutes which will revolutionise the treatment of spinal fusions and bone defects. Our award winning technology combines our extensive and proprietary knowledge of granule chemistry and architecture to produce novel synthetic bone grafts to promote rapid healing.

SIRAKOSS has produced a portfolio of award winning technologies which have demonstrated outstanding performance in established pre-clinical models of trauma and spinal fusion.

Results of these studies show rapid and controlled bone formation, which indicates timely recovery for the million-plus patients each year who need spinal fusion for back pain, or who undergo trauma surgery.

Global Bone Graft Market ($ Billion)

Funding ($ Million)

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Our innovative approaches to structure and chemistry mean that SIRAKOSS bone graft products will make a real difference to the quality of patient care. Discover why they are an improvement on all existing bone graft options.


SIRAKOSS’ synthetic bone graft substitutes will soon compete in the $2.5 billion-plus global market for spinal fusion. Find out how our products will cut costs for healthcare providers, and learn about our approach to commercialisation.


We strive for excellence. Join our pioneering team of chemists, physicists, engineers and material scientists and help drive our innovation forward.